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Smart Glass Technology

For the energy optimisation of the building envelope

Sionic Smart Glass develops, manufactures and markets innovative, visionary window concepts based on micro-optical, electrochromic film.

The high-tech foils are produced in a cost-efficient roll-to-roll process that includes various structuring and coating processes along the production chain.

Marketing of the innovative electrochromic film is planned from the beginning of 2025.

Controlling light digitally

Regulate lighting conditions and energy use ...

Light / TemperatureApp Solutions

Sionic's future technology opens the way to digital control and data monitoring of sunlight and daylight in buildings via building automation and mobile app solutions.

With the help of light and temperature sensors and the integration of data on location, compass direction and weather, the lighting conditions and energy use of a building can be optimally controlled.

Sionic Smart Glass GmbH

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