Natural indoor climate and optimal energy utilisation

Using sunlight and daylight

Visionary window concepts with micro-optical electrochromic film

Smart Glass for the
buildings of the future

Intelligent facades with electrochromic glass

Using the power of the sun and daylight in a more energy-efficient way. This is made possible by the micro-optical, electrochromic films from Sionic Smart Glass. In combination with glass, they become "intelligent" glass.

Microtechnology for the latest smart glass generation

Smart Glass

Intelligent glass allows switching the transmission properties of windows and glass surfaces.

Sionic Smart Glass develops, manufactures and markets innovative, visionary window concepts based on micro-optical, electrochromic film. Smart Glass reduces the ecological footprint. At the same time, significant energy savings in buildings are achieved.


Thanks to smart glass technology, more than 100 million tons of CO2 emissions can be saved worldwide each year. Intelligent windows of the future make it possible.

Smart Glass solutions open the way to digital control and data monitoring of sunlight and daylight in buildings. Quite simply via home automation and mobile apps.

Roll-to-Roll Process

High-tech films are integrated in the electrochromic glass. Sionic develops highly innovative nanotechnology and scales it to large formats. The films for the switchable glass are produced in a cost-efficient roll-to-roll process.

Innovative structuring and coating processes are used along the entire production chain.

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